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Coffea Arabica, better known by the simple name Arabica, are grains of the highest quality and therefore the most expensive. Arabica grows at high altitudes, mostly between 600 and 2000 m. At that height the temperatures are milder and more constant, so the plant has more time to acquire all its aromas and acids. Its share of aromatic oils is significantly higher. The higher the height, the better the coffee (but of course there are other criteria). Arabica contains less caffeine and accounts for 60% of the world's coffee cultivation.

    • Our Coffee is made in Colombia

    • Region: Magdalena

    • Variety: Castillo

    • Process: Washed, Natural, Honey

    • Grading: Excelso 15, Excelso 16, Supremo 17,

      Supremo 18, Supremo 19

    • Harvest Period: March–June & September–December