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Our Company

Eurus d.o.o Ltd Import-Export company is based in Bosnia and Hercegovina. Specialists in International
Importing-Exporting, wholesale, distributing promotional products and services.

With an established, growing, and cultivating Arabica bean coffee plantation for over 20 years. We are
very proud of our coffee beans, which come from one of the best coffee plantations in Colombia.

Our plantation with its panoramic views is high up in the mountainous region of Magdalena Sierra Nevada de
Santa Marta. The surrounding landscape has natural streams galore, which ensures superb growing
conditions with an enriched mineral soil for the coffee plants. As a result, our beans have a unique flavor
and aroma, unlike any other beans.

In the very near future, we will start to roast and package our award-winning coffee beans. Catering to all
our clients' needs and to fulfill demand with our highly sort coffee beans.

We also offer selected lines of various products, such as food products, and much more. We have
competitive offers for distributors, wholesalers, and retailers in Europe and worldwide.
At Eurus d.o.o we strive to give our clients value for money, along with a first-class service.